Banzai is the first Turn Based Sports Strategy game for the iPhone. Battle with your team of ninjas in the most simple and addictive versions of existing sports.

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New update!

Finally, the update 1.1.1 is now available! We have listened to all our users and improved the game according to them! Right now we are working on the multiplayer modes so be sure to start practicing!


We got reviewed at! Although the review was greatly positive, there were a few points noted that we could improve. Those have been addressed and will be soon available for update at the app store. Be sure to read the full review.

Lite = Free!

Lite version is now available in the appstore! Check it out!

New version!

Version 1.1 is now available in the appstore. The bugs that our users reported are fixed and a new game mode was included: DodgeBall! We are now improving the gameplay and including network play but prices are still low! Best time to buy!

YouTube Review!

We got reviewed on youtube. Check it out!

Fixed issues!

A issue was found where the application in some iphone versions will suddenly quit if the blue flame times out.

We have uploaded a fix to address this and, as a bonus, a new game type was added. We will also keep the low release price until the update is available at the store so buy it now!

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Banzai is out! Buy it now!


If you're looking to know a bit more about Banzai, the most important fact is that it was built using the wonderful game engine Cocos2D. If you're looking for a free solution for your game, look no further!


"I didn't think I was going to say this at first, but here it is... I like Banzai - Ninja Sports! The game really is a lot of fun and it looks fantastic." - Appsyouwant @ AppsYouWant (4/5*)


"It's fun. I love it. I can't wait for more sports and teams." - halfevil333 @ iTunes (5/5*)


"I bought this game, it is actually quite fun. Simple yet a challenge. I would say if ur looking for a fun new little game try this one." - Mr. ESwanson @ iTunes (5/5*)

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"This is another one of those beautiful little $0.99 gems! (...) 5/5 STARS in my book!" - vaelsh @ Touch Arcade Forums

Touch Arcade

"This is absolutely brilliant! LOVE it. Superb value for money!" - badmanj @ Touch Arcade Forums


"(...) nice gameplay. First of it's kind. Good job" - biansta @ iTunes (5/5*)